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3D-Lipo Fat Freezing also known as cryolipolysis, is available at Turek Clinic in Ramsgate, Kent and is a treatment has been described as a ‘promising procedure for non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring’ in medical trials.

The 3D-Lipo Fat Freezing treatment targets pockets of fat on troublesome areas like your stomach and inner thighs, upper arms and hips. It can even work on double chins. It works by freezing and destroying fat cells in the area being treated. After treatment, your body will begin to eliminate these fat cells naturally. This amazingly effective treatment is also non-invasive, pain-free and doesn’t require any downtime.

Fat Freezing is painless but can feel a little strange; at first, there’s a feeling of suction, then the area we’re treating feels cold as I’m freezing away the fat cells. You might feel some tingling, but these sensations should go away after around 10 – 12 minutes and it should be a relaxing treatment. When I take the device away, the area will probably feel extremely cold, even numb. Don’t worry though, your body will soon heat it back up and the numbness will disappear.

You’ll start seeing results gradually, and after 8-12 weeks of treatment* you should notice a real difference. You can also treat more than one area at once. Treatments last from 30-60 minutes, depending on the area(s) treated.

*results vary from client to client.

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  • One area £179
  • Two areas £279


Completely non-invasive, safe and effective

Treatments are quick, pain free and there is no recovery time

Clinically proven to destroy fat cells, without the need for surgery.

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