Celluma pro LED Light therapy

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At Turek Clinic we are constantly investing in the best treatments available to our customers and we are EXTREMELY proud to offer this innovative and transformational skin treatment! 

Celluma light therapy offers a groundbreaking and natural way to effectively generate more collagen in your body using the anti-aging effect of LED light therapy. Proven red and near-infrared wavelengths are utilised in the Celluma LED light therapy devices to combat the signs of ageing and to enhance your body’s natural ability to generate collagen and elastin.

What is The Celluma difference…

  • Uniform delivery of the light energy is crucial to successful energy absorption by the cells. For this reason, we designed each of our Celluma products to conform closely to the area of the body being treated resulting in the unmatched ability to deliver the optimal amount of restorative light energy in each session.
  • Celluma products contour to the body, dramatically increasing the ability of cells to absorb the optimum amount of light energy. Our popular Celluma PRO can be formed into a C-shape to treat facial wrinkles and fine lines while you lie comfortably on your back.

How Celluma light therapy treats acne..

  • Celluma light therapy for acne treatment goes above and beyond to achieve better and faster skin-clearing results with its flexible design for optimal efficacy. Skin cells are able to absorb even more light energy in less time, speeding up the acne elimination and skin healing process
  • Celluma’s blue wavelengths kill the bacteria that causes breakouts, while reducing the inflammation, pimples and redness associated with acne. A overall improvement in skin appearance is often seen in only a matter of weeks depending on the severity of the condition and and a person’s skin type.

Prevents any visible ageing.

LED light therapy has been proven to be safe for all skin types.

Regenerates your skin.

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