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Winter has a vast amount of highs that we all get excited about such as Halloween, Firework night, Christmas and New Year, however there are a few less pleasant side effects that we needn’t forget!

As the weather begins to change most of us become aware of dry, itchy skin that’s trying to settling in for the long run. A Lot of us tend to run to hop on to amazing or pop into boots to switch to a better moisturiser, which at the first sign of the cold proves helpful.

Unfortunately, the central heating from home or work may have already taken its toll. Luckily, there’s still time to get serious about a daily routine to that you can be sure to unveil and restore your hydrated, glowing complexion.

I would like to share with you my FREE Winter Skin Care Tips for 2021!

Start with your home! 

Did you know that the drier the air, the drier your skin will be? The best way to prep your home for winter is to purchase a humidifier that will increase the moisture in the air. Although this will help a lot – it’s better to keep the heat to a minimum and just throw on another snuggly jumper! 

Improve your diet.

There is a direct connection between your gut and skin health, increasing your daily intake of fats may help with dry skin. Now is the time to stock up on walnuts! At this time of year eating a diet rich in olive oil and avocados. While that extra glass of full-bodied red wine may seem like a good idea, over indulging can cause dehydration which is exactly what we do not want! 

The summer may be gone but you STILL need to drink lots of water! 

Exfoliate your Skin

If you use serums and moisturisers and serums daily – that’s great however, the results will not improve until you start buffing the skin beforehand! 

Purchase a light scrub that has something with a mild glycolic or lactic acid to remove the dead skin. It’s a good idea to also consider swapping a gentle formula for your regular cleanser two to three times a week.

If you suffer with raw or severely dry skin, skip the exfoliator and use a wet flannel  instead for a gentler option. 

If you don’t already, start carrying out your Retin-A usage to every other day because, while it’s definitely a wrinkle-fighting super hero product, it is important to remember that it’s also a strong exfoliant and may contribute to that dryer skin in these cooler months. 


Don’t’ stop with the Antioxidant Serum!


It’s true that most  of your summertime products should get swapped out come winter, however, serums are the one exception to that rule. Choose a non alcohol antioxidant serum because it will be perfect for you to use all year round. it doesn’t matter where you are on the planet,  your skin gets attacked by free radicals. These cause sun spots, a breakdown of collagen, and those dreaded premature fine lines.

To prevent the damage as much as possible, be sure to apply a vitamin C formula as a base layer in the morning, before layering on heavier products. And as you often hear me saying…..  don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

I highly recommend a daily dose of SPF 30 will keep skin covered, even on cold, cloudy winter days.

Switch to a Heavy Face Cream


One of the most important things that is ALWAYS overlooked steps in the dry skin game is changing to a seriously hydrating moisturiser. 

You need to look for creams rather than light lotions, they need to be made with ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Ceramides help in the prevention of the skin’s barrier, which is  so easily broken down during the winter and cooler months. 

If you are someone who tends to suffer with severely chapped faces, apply a large amount of product, you could apply it twice once the first application has been absorbed – you need to do this both day and night! 

Avoid Harsh Cleansers


It is advisable to store away any face washes with drying ingredients, such as  fragrances or additives, and begin to use once that contain chamomile or oatmeal.

This way you won’t be stripping the skin of its natural oils which you desperately need to retain in cold weather to protect overall moisture.


Winter time is also the perfect time to try our signature facial or gentle peel, which requires you to stay out of the sun when possible. Which lets face it – in the UK won’t be too much of a problem!  Especially now it’s starting to get cold and dark outside! Just curl up inside on the sofa with hot chocolate and binging on Netflix.

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Nothing makes me feel better than making you feel your best!